‘It inspires us and leaves us in awe of its greatness’

I tried moving away….

I spent time in London, but found myself returning frequently to Aberdovey to visit family who ran the Trefeddian Hotel.

The pull of the area that has been a part of my family’s lives for more than 100 years was too much, and so I returned for good – running Crychnant Farm alongside my husband David and our four children.

Surrounded by beauty on all sides, the farm is our happy place. 

And it very quickly gave me a vision – to allow others to experience and absorb the wonder of the place that will always be my home.

In addition to our 290-acre sheep and cattle farm, my dream was to offer true luxury accommodation that was respectful and loving towards the environment that means so much to me.

From that dream, The Willow Hill was born.

We’re so privileged and fortunate to live where we do – an area of true outstanding beauty and tranquility.

And now we’re able to share it with you.

As you leave The Willow Hill refreshed, recharged and inspired, we’re sure you’ll also be planning your return.

And we’ll look forward to welcoming you once again.

Gweld chi eto…

Helen Cave-Browne-Cave and family